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15-17 April 2024
Palais des Festivals, Cannes


The biggest week in Unscripted

MIPDOC 2023 Programme

The 25th International Documentary and Factual Co-Production Market and Screenings is back with a new format at MIPTV 2023. It will kick-off with the Pre-MIPTV ‘Super Sunday’ programme - The MIPDOC International Buyer Screenings, followed by the MIPDOC Opening Party in partnership with Paramount Global Content Distribution. In addition to the screenings, MIPDOC’s expanded footprint for 2023 also includes, the MIPDOC Screenings Library, MIPDOC Project Pitch Competition and a world-class MIPDOC conference programme.

MIPDOC Project Pitch Competition

A pitching competition open to all creators and producers looking to bring new documentary and factual projects to the world's top buyers, commissioners and financiers.

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MIPDOC Conference Programme

The biggest week in Unscripted with an inspiring conference programme over 3 days, including keynote, panels, case studies and the MIPDOC Co-Production Summit.

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Super Sunday: MIPDOC Int'l Buyer Screenings

Held during the Super Sunday, it will offer buyers an exclusive first-look at a curated selection of upcoming documentary and factual programmes. The screening will be followed by a cocktail sponsored by Paramount.

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MIPDOC Screenings

The MIPDOC Screenings Library room was back for 2023! The library offers buyers exclusive access to hundreds of documentary and factual programmes available online and onsite at MIPTV.

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MIPDOC Screenings Library

The Screenings Library is onow closed!

The MIPDOC Screenings Library was back at MIPTV 2023, on-site and online:

 Buyers can screen 530+ documentaries and contact distributors & producers directly

Sellers can download their daily lead report to reach out to buyers

Use your OneMIP login & password to connect to MIPDOC Screenings platform

The Screenings Library is now closed!

MIPDOC International Buyer Screenings

Held during the Pre-MIPTV Super Sunday on 16th April, the MIPDOC International Buyers Screenings will offer international buyers an exclusive first-look at a curated selection of upcoming documentary and factual programmes to be launched at the market.

Up to 10 highly anticipated productions will be presented with 10-15 minute extracts in front of over 500 doc & factual content buyers

The screening will be followed by a cocktail sponsored by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

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Discover the buyer's coup de cœur

Cabal Films

Programme title: The Caravan

Country: Spain

Main genre: Society

Synopsis: The first migrant caravan starts its journey in Honduras, on October 13th 2018. Two weeks later it arrives to Mexico City with a total of 7,000 Central Americans fleeing from diverse contexts of violence and poverty. Yuri walks eight months pregnant along her two-year-old son Santi, her twenty-year-old partner Mike and other family members.
From Honduras, the inside of the house where Mike grew up unveils the emptiness that our main characters left and takes us closer to the feelings of their grandparents, who with pain, wish their grandson to be born away from their homeland. After 40 days of traveling, the caravan reaches Tijuana and after two failed attempts, Yuri and Mike's family manages to cross one of the most guarded borders of the world. 24 hours later, Yuri gives birth to the first child of the caravan born in the USA.
The family is now living in New York, where they will have to face the challenges of living in a country so far away from their own culture.

Swedish Television / SVT

Programme title: Prison project "Little Scandinavia"

Country: Sweden

Main genre: Factual - Reality

Synopsis: In 2018 the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections concluded that the methods used today are not giving the desired results. High number of incarcerations and recidivism in connection with a stressed-out staff whose life expectancy is lower than amongst war veterans. One possible solution was to try and change the focus, and move towards a more humane and rehabilitating setting inside the prison. In the summer of 2019 a group of correctional officers and management travelled around Scandinavia in order to be inspired to a new way of doing things. For two weeks the US correctional officers worked side-by-side with Norwegian colleagues to observe and collect clues on how the Scandinavian elements and methods could be adapted back home. 
Late 2019 construction was started of the unit at SCI Chester, a unit that was given the name "Little Scandinavia". The documentary follows the whole process from the early start in 2018 until January 2023.

MIPDOC Project Pitch

The MIPDOC Project Pitch  is a unique pitching competition highlighting new Doc & Factual TV projects with the greatest potential for commissioning and multiplatform extension.

Dedicated to creators and producers seeking financing or copro for projects in development, the competition offers high-visibility in front of a jury of leading decision makers from the global Doc & Factual Content Industry.

Call for entries are now closed!

MIPDOC Project Pitch Winner


Genre: Current Affairs - Investigation


Country: Ukraine

Logline: Details of one of the most terrifying part of Russian plan during military invasion to Ukraine - mass kidnapping of Ukrainian kids approved on a state level.

MIPDOC Project Pitch Finalists

The Queer Traveler

Line 1

Genre: Adventures - Travel

Line 1

Company(ies): Effervescence

Line 1

Country: France

Line 1

Logline: What if you could see the world through a queer eye? Join drag queen Nicky Doll on a on a life-changing, light-hearted and authentic journey across the globe to meet LGBT artists, performers, and activists, and open your mind to a world that is far more vibrant and accepting than you ever imagined. 

The New Face of War

Line 1

Genre: Society

Line 1

Company(ies): Bonne Pioche TV

Line 1

Country: France

Line 1

Logline: We usually think that war does not have a woman's face. However, women are part of all wars. More than 20 years after the war in Yugoslavia, the cannons are ringing again in Europe. This documentary series brings to life the diversity of forms of resistance waged by extraordinary Ukrainian women.


Line 1

Genre: Art - Culture

Line 1

Company(ies): Foxtrot Films Ltd

Line 1

Country: United Kingdom

Line 1

Logline: When the stakes are life and death, what do Women see that Men don't?  WOMEN AT WAR - THE INVISIBLE ARMY takes viewers on a visceral journey with women war artists and photographers, whose work in the midst of the conflict zone and its aftermath is consistently undervalued and unseen. 


Line 1

Genre: Current Affairs - Investigation

Line 1


Line 1

Country: Ukraine

Line 1

Logline: Details of one of the most terrifying part of Russian plan during military invasion to Ukraine - mass kidnapping of Ukrainian kids
approved on a state level.


Line 1

Genre: True Crime

Line 1

Company(ies): Autentic GmbH

Line 1

Country: Germany

Line 1

Logline: In the 1990s, a group of Serbian desperados and ex-soldiers start robbing jewelry stores all over the world. Formed during the Balkan Wars with the support of several important people in Serbia, the group soon becomes the most famous, notorious and successful gang of all time - THE PINK PANTHERS.

MIPDOC Project Pitch Jury Members

Cecilie Olsen

SVP Global Content, Non Scripted

ITV Studios

Kristina Hollstein

Director Acquisitions & Coproductions Doc

Children & Youth, ZDF Studios GmbH

Jack Oliver

Head of Co-Production


Caroline Behar

Head of Int'l Coproductions & Acquisitions

France Télévisions

Yukari Harada

Senior Producer

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

Lauren Billingsley

Senior Manager, Acquisitions

National Geographic

CANNESERIES Documentary Series Competition

MIPDOC is at the heart of MIPTV, that's why we are partnering again with CANNESERIES, where MIP Buyers will be offered an exclusive first look at the official selection for the CANNESERIES Documentary Series Competition.

Discover the selection

The chevaline killings: finding the missing piece

Country: France

Year: 2022 - 2023 / World Premiere

Episodes: 6 x 26'

Created by: Brendan Kemmet

Directed by: Imen Ghouali & Camille Bovier-Lapierre

Production: Upside Télévision

Sales: StudioCanal

Draw for change!

Country: Belgium

Year: 2023 / World Premiere

Episodes: 6 x 52'

Created by: Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe

Production: Clin d'oeil films, A Bahn, Point du Jour / Les Films du Balibari et Ma.ja.de Filmproductions GmbH

Sales: Autlook Filmsales

Broadcast: Arte, VRT, RTBF, SWR et WDR

Lac-Mégantic - This is not an accident

Country: Canada

Year: 2023 / World Premiere

Episodes: 4 x 44'

Created by: Philippe Falardeau

Production: Trio Orange

Sales: Trio Orange International

Broadcast: Vrai

Juan Carlos: Downfall of the King

Country: Germany

Year: 2023 / World Premiere

Episodes: 4 x 43'

Created by: Christian Beetz

Production: Gebrueder Beetz Filmproduktion

Sales: NBC Universal

Broadcast: SKY

Miracle N°71

Country: Belgium

Year: 2023 / World Premiere

Episodes: 3 x 47'

Created by: Nathalie Basteyns

Production: De Mensen NV

Sales: Newen

Broadcast: VRT

Reading again Mafalda

Country: Argentina

Year: 2023 / World Premiere

Episodes: 4 x 30'

Created by: Julián Trokberg

Production: Disney+, Original Productions & Non Stop

Sales: Disney Media & Entertainment, Distribution Latin America

Broadcast: Disney+


In this invitation-only gathering of influential documentary decision-makers, draw inspiration from visionary talks, meet new partners over roundtable discussions, and learn which co-production models achieve success.

The 2023 MIPDOC Co-Production Summit turns a documentary-lens on personal experiences within extraordinary events. In a fireside chat Susan Zirinsky former President of CBS News Division and The Bridge’s Amanda Groom discuss Susan’s expanded role as Head of the See It Now Studios with its remit to produce non-fiction content across Viacom CBS brands and other platforms.

The Summit’s Case Study drills into: Citizens at War: A Year in Ukraine. Over the last year filmmakers from Kyiv’s Film UA production company, in collaboration with producers from Australia and the UK, recorded the fate of the Ukranian nation through the eyes of the nation’s citizens. The result is an astonishing six part series with extraordinary access including with the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, and his wife, Olena.

The series proves a great example of overcoming multiple challenges in co-production, including tight deadlines, filming in a war zone and editing and post-production conducted in different continents. Our panel will involve a full cast, including Tilman Remme, GTV Docs UK; Kateryna Vyshnevska, Film.UA Group Ukraine, Ben Barrett, Blue Ant, Elizabeth Haegstedt TF1 / Histoire, France and Philipp Mueller, ZDF Zeit, Germany.

The Summit will also include its popular round-table discussion groups and will conclude with the sharing of take-away wisdoms from many of the world’s leading documentary makers.

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