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17-19 April 2023
Palais des Festivals, Cannes


4-6 April 2022
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

The International Factual Programming Forum & Screenings

MIPDoc moves to the Palais des Festivals during the MIPTV week! No need for separate registration

Network with top decision makers in the factual & documentary programming industry

MIPDoc took place in the Palais des Festivals in Cannes during the MIPTV week, 4-6 April 2022. It features one of the world’s most important factual & documentary content offerings, as well as a rich conference programme, high-level matchmaking events and a dedicated co-production marketplace for international producers, buyers, commissioners and distributors.

Conference Programme

Catch up on the latest industry topics and programming trends thanks to an extensive targeted conference programme with high-level speakers

Screenings & Showcases

Extend your reach, showcase your programmes & projects and made them available to international buyers and commissioners via MIPTV platform

MIPDoc Project Pitch

A pitching competition open to all creators and producers willing to bring new factual and documentary projects to the World's leading Buyers, Commissioners, Financers, etc.

2022 MIPDoc Project Pitch Winner


Nature / Wildlife

Company: ZDF Studios

Country of origin: Germany


Learn more about MIPDoc Project Pitch 2022 >

MIPDoc Keynote

In conversation with Patrick Aryee, Wildlife TV Presenter & Documentary Filmmaker

Patrick comes to the Spring market fresh from completing his latest project, the ground-breaking six-part docu-series Evolve, shot across 4 continents, and crammed with adventure, wildlife, eye-watering locations, and future thinking. Evolve takes a deep dive into the fascinating and emerging practice of biomimicry, where nature’s strategies can be applied to modern day challenges and potentially revolutionize our future.

Aryee’s keynote will draw on insights from this fresh exploration of evolution, along with those gained over a decade of critically acclaimed factual projects for broadcasters including National Geographic, Sky and the BBC, plus his hugely successful podcast and book ’30 Animals That Made Us Smarter’. It will close the first day of international factual programming forum MIPDoc, staged for the first time within the main MIPTV market in the Palais des Festivals (4-6 April).   

K7 Media's Market Intel Session

David Ciaramella explores the factual landscape in 2022 and looks at the future of non-scripted television across multiple territories.

> April 5, 9:30, Debussy Theatre

MIP Workout

Small-group interactive conversations led by key experts to solve various aspects of daily business in a spirit of collective intelligence.

> April 5, 17:30, R8/Marguerite

MIPDoc Project Pitch

Each year, the MIPDoc International Pitch gives the opportunity to all creators and producers from across the globe seeking to develop factual and documentary projects with financing/coproduction partners to enter this competition. Competitors are narrowed down to five finalists who get an unprecedented opportunity to pitch live their most compelling new projects to a Jury of international decision-makers.

MIPDoc Project Pitch - Finalists

We received 111 submissions from 79 companies and 27 different countries!

The documentary and factual projects have been selected based on their creativity & storytelling quality, original, innovative concept, and worldwide appeal. Discover below the finalists selected by a jury of international decision-makers. They will have the opportunity to pitch their projects in Cannes at MIPTV on Monday 4 April, 14:45-16:15 in HI5/Esterel

MURKY SKIES                                                                                 

Line 1

Genre: Current Affairs / Investigation

Line 1

Synopsys: In 1992 a Boeing 747 cargo flight from JFK to Tel Aviv, on a stop off in Amsterdam, crashed into an apartment block in the Bijlmer, an immigrant's neighbourhood, shortly after take-off, claiming dozens of lives and injuring many others. The official story is that a technical failure occurred after take-off. But in the weeks that follow the crash, while the media and the public focus on the victims and the survivors, an unseen drama begins to take shape in the background. 

This was just the beginning. In the three decades the truth is yet to be unearthed from the mountains of lost evidence, covert operations, financial corruption and political whitewashing. 

The story continues with a present-day attempt to reinvestigate the story, with newly obtained materials from thawed archives, inside sources, characters and unseen footage. 

Line 1

Company(ies): Dogwoof Ltd.

Line 1

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

LIFE AT 10 BILLION                                                                                                       

Line 1

Genre: Science / Technology

Line 1

Synopsys: By 2050 it's predicted that the earth's population will hit 10 Billion. With climate change, ecosystem collapse and pollution threatening our world today, how will we support 2 billion more?

Scientists and innovators around the world are striving to create and test the solutions to stop population explosion from overwhelming our planet. Life at 10 Billion takes us on a journey to understand the complex risks that will evolve between now and then, and what amazing solutions are on the horizon.

The challenge is immense.

But incredible minds around the world are coming together to turn the odds in our favour, and create solutions that are being built and tested right now.

Life at 10 Billion is a scaleable - in both format and length - science series with a solutions-focussed look at our future exploring the impacts of climate, technological and societal change.Line 1

Company(ies): Conservation X Studio

Line 1

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Line 1

Genre: Factual / Reality

Line 1

Synopsys: A Parisian grandfather searches for the granddaughter he has never seen and seeks to understand how his son became a notorious ISIS terrorist.

The father of an ISIS terrorist responsible for the 2015 Paris Attacks heads in search of his grand-daughter, Aisha (6y) believed to be in a refugee camp in Northern Syria. Desperate to save his granddaughter, the way he was unable to save his son, the film explores themes of guilt and innocence, identity and belonging, as we meet the 'other victims of ISIS' - the families torn apart in its wake, trying to atone for crimes they never committed. And in the process, we come to understand how such families not only have to live with this tragedy, but have in some cases sought to 'fix' the harm caused by their children and pick up the pieces of the horrifying mess they've been left to deal with. In this case, searching for a small child in a war zone.

Line 1

Company(ies): mpwr productions

Line 1

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Line 1

Genre: Adventures / Travel

Line 1

Synopsys: Andrea is about to reach the peak of Everest which rises up to 8849 meters.

He has been preparing for this adventure for years by forging his muscles and honing his motivation. However, the laws of the mountains do not respond to the wishes of man. In fact, any adverse weather condition can force the mountaineer to give up on their challenge. Indeed, he would risk much more. But Andrea has no intention of backing down and he will do everything to engrave his daring record in history, being the first man who ever climbed Everest without two legs and without seven fingers.

As he would say: "touch the sky with three fingers".

In 2015, at the age of 29, a fulminating meningitis permanently upset his life. Nonetheless, that terrible event did not break his spirit. He immediately put on prosthetic legs and became one of the most awarded Paralympic athletes of the Italian national team. Then, the call of the mountains was heard again: the Alps, the Andes, the Himalayas. On Andrea’s face we can see his scars, but what is most visible above all is the humility, the passion and the desire to never give up.
Line 1

Company(ies): Travel Media House S.r.l.

Line 1

Country of Origin: Italy


Line 1

Genre: Nature / Wildlife

Line 1

Synopsys: The ultimate rags to riches tale of a margay, one of the least-known and rarely-filmed wild cats, and a spectacular coming-of-age story for his companion, a young man named Falton. The unlikely pair are about to embark on an epic real-life journey. Falton was raised in the rainforest of Guyana, South America. He was taught to live surrounded by nature, as part of the jungle, but like most young men here, he was lured away by the promise of wealth. Working in an illegal gold mine, he was exploited and abused. He's escaped amid shattered dreams - detached from his family.

The margay was snatched from the wild as an orphan, and lucky enough to be rescued from the pet trade. His saviour brought him back to the jungle, but without his mother, the little cat never learnt how to survive out in the forest. 

But his rescuer has a radical idea: who better to teach him about life in the wild than Falton. Both kitten and man have a common goal: to reconnect with their rainforest home.

Line 1

Company(ies): ZDF Studios

Line 1

Country of Origin: Germany


Line 1

Genre: History & Civilization / Current Affairs & Investigation

Line 1

Synopsys: Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. Bet you didn't expect that. It's organized, structured, controlled and publicized.

And it caters to everyone, from those willing to spend a buck to those hoping to make one: the foodies, backpackers, beachgoers, one day cruise shippers, the 'good deal' hunters, photographers and eco lovers.

But is it all too much?

Cities are becoming service providers, ready to compromise local life in exchange for revenues from temporary citizens. It all boils down to the capacity to attract. That's precisely the paradox here: success relies on appeal, but too much appeal kills off that success.

When the world shut down, it solved the problem for a while. But we've all been waiting for that to end, haven't we?  Overbooked travels the world in a whole new way, investigating the global state of tourism, from the sought after and over-saturated destinations to the tiny remote underdogs, longing for attention. And everything in between.

Line 1

Company(ies): DBcom Media

Line 1

Country of Origin: Canada

MIPDoc Project Pitch - Jury Members

Caroline Behar

Head of Int'l Co-pro & Acquisitions

France Télévisions - FR

Kristina Hollstein

Dir,. Acquisitions & Co-pro / Doc - Youth

ZDF Enterprises GmbH - DE

Yoko Imai

Executive Producer


Jack Oliver

Head of Co-Productions

SKY Entertainment - UK

Mikael Osterby

Head of Factual Acquisitions

SVT Swedish Television

Cecilie Olsen

SVP Global Content, Non-Scripted


Key Dates

22 February 2022

Deadline for submissions

16 March 2022

Finalists official announcement

4 April 2022

Pitching Competition live in Cannes

Jack Olivier, Head of Co-Productions, Sky Entertainment, UK

"It's great to be back at Mipdoc's in person, particularly to participate in this pitching event. The scale, scope and range of the pitches have been fantastic which is represented well by the shortlisted finalists. The finalist all an electric mix of genres that enjoy a strength of storytelling that are imbued with salient issues and for global audiences. I look forward to the pitches from the companies behind this brilliant projects."


Kristina Hollstein, Dir., Acquisitions & Co-pro / Doc - Youth, ZDF Enterprises, DE

"The selection of finalists is a broad variety of topics, styles and genres which gives a perfect insight into how rich factual production currently is"

They attended MIPTV for the Co-Production Summit

In this invitation-only gathering of influential documentary decision-makers, draw inspiration from visionary talks, meet new partners over roundtable discussions, and learn which co-production models achieve success.

Major companies came to MIPTV this April for the MIPDoc Co-Production Summit. Benefits from their presence by joining them in Cannes and online!

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