FAQ - Digital MIPTV

How can Digital MIPTV help my business?

The platform allows you to access industry insights, learn from TV industry leaders, join the community and schedule meeting with peers.
You can connect with top industry leaders including buyers, commissioners, sellers and producers in order to achieve your business objectives.

║ Login & Onboarding

Upon registration you will receive an activation link by email, together with instructions to set your password, to log in to the platform.

If you are registered for the 1-to-1 Distribution Market or 1-to-1 Co-Production & Development Forum, you will have access to the platform as of 11 February.

If you are registered for the Digital Pass offer only, you will have access to the platform as of 29 March. 

To ensure best use of all features, we recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser.

It can take up to 24 hours for your registration details to be available in the Digital MIPTV platform. If you are still unable to login after this period, please fill in our helpdesk e-form.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the link “Reset password” on the login page 

  • Enter your email address that you have previously logged in with 
  • Click “Email me a password reset link” and go to your email inbox. Please check your spam box.

Once you have opened the email titled “Reset your Digital MIPTV password”, click on the reset password button. It will open a new page where you can enter your new password twice and press the “Reset password” button.

To update your profile, you will have to log in to the platform using your login and password.

Then follow the steps below:

  • Click on your profile icon
  • Fill-out the different fields with your company and professional details
  • Upload your headshot picture

Save your changes and you are done!

To manage your availability schedule, you need to go to your profile and click on “Manage my availability”. Your availability calendar will appear. 

Please note that the time indicated in your Agenda is your local time.

If you are booked for a meeting, the timeslot will be marked with your meeting details. If you do not want to take meeting requests on a particular timeslot, mark them as unavailable in a simple click.

When you are done editing your availability schedule, do not forget to click on “Save”.

To manage the notifications you receive, go on your profile page under the section “Manage Notifications”. Once you have made the changes according to your wish, do not forget to click on “Save”.

To change your e-mail address, go on your profile page under the section “Change Email”. Enter the new e-mail address you would like to use and save your changes.

║ 1-to-1 Distribution Market & 1-to-1 Co-Production & Development Forum

The 1-to-1 pre-scheduled meetings will take place over 3 days, from 13 April to 15 April. 

From 24 February to 8 March you will be able to do your preferences (preferences phase) by browsing through the attending delegates profiles.

Prioritize the contacts you wish to meet. 3 options available:
Must Meet --> Attendees you want to meet most.
Meet --> Attendees you want to meet.
No Thanks --> Attendees you already know, or you don't want to meet.

Select a minimum of 25 “Must Meet” and 25 “Meet” to ensure the most relevant meetings. Your pre-scheduled agenda will be created in function of your selection. And don’t hesitate to consult the recommendations! Our AI-powered system will propose you relevant matches with other attendees according to mutual profiles.

You can also use the “No thanks” function if there is a participant you don’t want a meeting with. 

Depending on the preferences made by all delegates, your profile details, and your behaviour on the platform, the algorithm will set your meeting agenda based on matching scores. Matching score can go from 0 to 100%. Only the meetings with the highest matching scores will be added to your agenda. The system will fill in all the available slots in your agenda. In other terms: up to 25 or 27 meetings if you haven’t blocked any meeting slot.

If you registered for the 1-to-1 Co-Production & Development Forum, you are guaranteed 15 pre-scheduled meetings of 25 minutes each.

If you registered for the 1-to-1 Distribution Market, you are guaranteed 20 pre-scheduled meetings of 25 minutes each.

Starting from 29 March you will receive your pre-scheduled meetings agenda. All your pre-scheduled meetings – as part of your registration to the market - will be listed in the section "My schedule". Click on the profile of the delegates you have a meeting with, check their details and prepare for your meetings.

Each distributor, producer, development executive will be able to feature up to 3 programmes/projects in his/her profile. For each programme/project, you will be asked to add specific details such as the title, the synopsis, a picture, a trailer link, etc… 

More than one delegate per company can register for the 1-to-1 pre-scheduled meetings. Each one of them will have 20 pre-scheduled meetings. 

However, if the delegates have similar or identical profiles, the meetings will also be similar or identical. We therefore recommend that if your company wishes to register more than one person, that they have different profiles and objectives.

║ Digital Pass offer - Networking & Meetings

As of 29 March, all attending delegates will have access to the Digital MIPTV platform and the Open Networking phase. First, make sure your profile is updated. Then, browse through all the attending delegates, filter by specific criteria, express interest, and request meetings.

You can Request a meeting, Show Interest or Skip on each Profile. As you make your selections, our technology will analyse your preferences to provide more profile recommendations. 

Requesting a meeting has never been easier. 

  • Click on "Schedule a Meeting" on any profiles you would like to schedule a meeting with. 
  • Set the meeting details and click "Request a meeting".
  • Keep track of all your meetings. You can follow up on the status of your meeting requests on the section "My Schedule".

NB: You can send up to 50 meeting requests. 

You can initiate a connection with an attendee by clicking on the “interested” button on the attendee’s profile. For the connection to be established, the other attendee will have to show interest in you too. 

Once connected, the interested tool allows you to open the conversation to start chatting, learn more about each other and ultimately if after chatting you want to request a meeting then you can.

All the profiles you have shown interest into will be listed in the section “My interested list”.
And all the profiles who have shown interest in you will be listed in the section "Interested in you". 

When browsing through the attending delegates profiles, you have the possibility to skip a particular profile. Skipping a profile doesn't mean it is gone forever. You can revisit it and make changes in your "Skip list".

To enable the chat option, you will need to either: 

Option 1: Have a confirmed meeting with an attendee will allow you to start chatting with him/her.

Option 2: Have mutual interest in each other using the "interest” tool. Having a mutual interest using the interest tool will allow you to start chatting. Show interest in someone and wait for him or her to show interest in you too. Once they show interest in you too, you will receive a notification and the option to chat with them will be available to you. Then, click on the chat icon to open a chat window.

All delegates, buyers, distributors, producers, commissioners, etc. will be listed in the section “All attendees”. Browse through the sections and filter by specific criteria such as country, company name, company activity, content genres and more.

No excel list can be extracted.

The time base will be set up on your own time zone. You can manage your availabilities if you are unavailable (see section above: “How to manage my availabilities?”)

Once the meeting is accepted, the Virtual Meeting Room button will appear on your agenda (if it’s pending or cancelled the Virtual Room won’t be available). The Virtual Meeting Room button will be clickable 5 mins before the scheduled call.

Once you click on the Virtual Meeting Room button, you'll have access for the duration of the meeting. Once the meeting time has expired you won’t be able to access your Virtual Meeting Room.

You will be able to share your screen if needed. Prepare in a dedicated folder on your desktop all the documents, videos, audios and presentations you’d like to show. We recommend you to share your contact details with your meeting partner.

NB: You will not be able to record your meeting.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to record your meeting.

It is possible to have maximum 4 person connecting at the same time during a video meeting. All attendees must be registered for Digital MIPTV. 

Click on the button "Add invitee" and ask another colleague to join the meeting.

If the main delegate is unable to attend one meeting, he/she can transfer the meeting to a registered colleague.

The company name will appear on each participant profile. By using the search bar, you will be able to find all the participants related to a specified company. Besides, for each profile, a company description as well as the company activity can be added.

║ Conferences & Events

Once you are in the Digital MIPTV platform you can click on "Event Agenda" on the left hand of your screen and access the full conferences and events programme. Browse the programme and apply filters according to the conferences track.

Click on the button "Add to schedule" to bookmark your favourite sessions. You will find your bookmarked sessions in the section "My schedule". Tune in to watch them upon release or on-demand at your own pace. 

Once you are on the Event Agenda, you will see the line-up of events coming up. You can add it to your personal schedule by bookmarking it.

Once you have added the session to your agenda, a registration form will be available on the session. Fill out this registration form to finalize your registration to the live session. A confirmation email will be sent afterwards.

NB: Places are limited so kindly make sure you will be able to attend the session. 

To watch a conference session, you can either: 

  • Go on "My schedule" if you bookmarked it and click on the play button
  • Or go on the global "Event Agenda" on the Digital MIPTV platform, search the session using filters and click on the play button

You will be able to catch-up on the conference programme on-demand until 14 May.

NB: This does not appy to live sessions.

MIPDrama is the annual premium showcase of the most anticipated high-end drama series, providing international buyers an exclusive first look at a curated selection of upcoming drama series at early-stage of production. MIPDrama is an on-invitation only premium content showcase. 

Read more about MIPDrama 〉

MIP Workouts are small-group interactive conversations led by key experts to solve various aspects of daily business in a spirit of collective intelligence. 

Up to 26 virtual tables led by industry experts on a specific topic per genre (Drama, Kids, Factual or Format) will be available. There is a limited number of participants, therefore you need to pre-register on the platform’s event agenda. This is an interactive conversation format, not a conference, to facilitate networking and new connections around a hot industry topic.

Thematic meet-ups are an online feature of Digital MIPTV that pair randomly TV executives for 5 minutes meetings on a pre-established topic. As the number of attendees is limited, it is necessary to pre-sign up for the desired online thematic meet-up session.