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Procuring meetings for delegates is the focus of this year Conferences & Events programme. Explore a robust offer of online thematic meet-ups, one-to-many workshops, mentoring, breakout sessions as well as exclusive market insights for all genres such as the popular Fresh TV, Glance, high profile Keynotes, MIPDrama buyers screenings and the MIP SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Award among others. 


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Explore the most anticipated new international content across all genres.
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Learn and get inspired from leading international decision-makers.
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Learn and get inspired from leading international decision-makers.


Top execs and talent share their vision of the future of the TV industry in dedicated premium Keynote Presentations.

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Recently appointed Heads of D&I from major media companies share their roadmap and KPIs to make an impact on the media sector.

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Keynotes & Awards

Paul Buccieri

In support of the United Nations, and in line with the Decade of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the MIP SDG Award honours media companies for their action and contribution to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals.

Paul Buccieri, President of A+E Networks, will be presented with the MIP SDG Award for Reduced Inequalities in a dedicated online event on Thursday 15 April featuring Good Morning America’s anchor Robin Roberts as well as the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Melissa Fleming.

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Join the SDG Media Compact, the industry’s gateway to working with the UN in support of the achievement of the SDGs.  More Info >

Marc Anthony

Looking back over an incredible 30-year journey in the entertainment industry, Behind the Curtain - A Conversation with Marc Anthony, will see the six-time GRAMMY® and Latin GRAMMY® Award winner interviewed by JC Acosta, President ViacomCBS International Studios & Networks Americas

Together they will explore his stellar career, his influence and that of Latino culture on the music and entertainment industry and the global ambitions of Anthony’s production company, Magnus Studios.
Wednesday 14 April at 18.00 CEST (catch-up until 14 May).

David Beckham

In his first in-depth television industry keynote, David Beckham will talk about launching his own production company, his global ambitions for Studio 99, and current projects in production and development for a variety of global networks.

In Conversation with David Beckham, hosted by award-winning Director and Producer Ben Winston, will take place on Tuesday 13 April at 18.00 CEST, and will be available on catch-up until 14 May.

Anette Romer

On the occasion of receiving the International Formats Gold Award, Ed Waller talks to Anette Romer, Formats Consultant for STV Production, about her distinguished career in formats and the challenge yet to come.

The session will be presented on Thursday 15 April at 17.00 CEST in association with C21, FRAPA and EMC, and will be available on catch-up until 14 May.

Suzanne Mackie

Executive producer of Netflix hit series The Crown, Suzanne Mackie, will give a Keynote during Digital MIPTV where she will talk about her new production venture, Orchid Pictures. During her Keynote she will receive the Variety International Achievement in TV Award.

Suzanne Mackie's Keynote will be presented on Tuesday 13 April at 18.00 CEST, and will be available on catch-up until 14 May.

Tribune for Heads of Diversity & Inclusion

Miranda Wayland

Head of Creative Diversity


Ade Rawcliffe

Group Director of Diversity & Inclusion


Kristy Haubegger

EVP, Chief Enterprise Inclusion Officer

WarnerMedia, USA

Karen Gray

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

A+E Networks, USA


The opportunity to connect and business network through small group interactive conversations, thematic meet-ups, one-to-many workshops, mentoring and breakout sessions. These interactive, meeting-based sessions have limited availability and pre-registration is essential.


Small-group interactive conversations led by key experts to solve various aspects of daily business in a spirit of collective intelligence.

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Thematic meet-ups are an online feature of Digital MIPTV that pair randomly TV executives for speed meetings on a pre-established topic.

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Diversity & Inclusion and Women mentoring.
Intimate conversations hosted by seasoned professionals sharing their experience and career advice to empower younger generations. 

By pre-registration (limited number of participants)




Table #1 - “International Drama Co-Production: The Road Back…”

Hosted by – Amanda Groom, Managing Director, The Bridge, UK

Table #2 - “Blockchain for Media Production: Beyond Promises...”

Hosted by – Patrice Poujol, Founder & CEO, Lumiere Project, France  

Table #3 - “Opening the door to Talent to meet the Global demands for High Quality Content”

Hosted by – Bianca Gavin, Head of Production, Pulse Films, UK

Table #4 - “TV Drama's Last Frontier: How to Produce in and with Africa”

Hosted by – Marie Lora-Mungai, Founder & CEO, Restless Global, Nigeria

Table #5 - “TV Industry sustainability: changing habits and reducing ecological impact”

Hosted by – Charles Gachet-Dieuzeide, Co-founder, Secoya, France

Table #6 - “What should I be thinking about to future proof my distribution company”

Hosted by – Guy Bisson, Executive Director, Ampere Analysis, UK


Table #1 - “Gender equality in kids' world”

Hosted by – Sarah Riding, Research & Trends Director, The Insights Family

Table #2 - “Building fan bases”

Hosted by – Peter Robinson, CSO, KidsKnowBest, UK

Table #3 - “The Metaverse: If You Build It, Will They Watch?”

Hosted by – Adam Woodgate, Senior Vice-President Media Insights, Dubit, UK

Table #4 - “Funding Green Content for Kids”

Hosted by – Mike de Seve, President, Baboon Animation, USA

Table #5 - “How to raise your profile from the ground?”

Hosted by – Reza Keshavarzi, TV Producer, Director, Author, Children's Welfare Activist, Time to Love Ltd



Table #1 - “International Partnership on the creation of new Formats.”

Hosted by – Jinwoo Hwang, CEO & Insoon Kim, Executive Vice President, Something Special, South Korea

Table #2 - “Unique Storytelling for Meaningful Television.”

Hosted by – Teresa Potocka, CEO & Founder, Sensethefuture Pictures, UK

Table #3 -  “Keeping unscripted formats alive during the pandemic”

Hosted by – Crispin Clover, Director, International Format Production and Acquisitions, A+E Networks, UK

Table #4 - “The next generation of entertainment - How AR enables new formats to turn passive audiences to active!”

Hosted by – Robin Sho Moser, CEO, Eyecandylab, USA

Table #5 - “Paper Formats: Challenges & Successes on the way to Production.”

Hosted by – Sophie Ferron, President-Founder, Media Ranch, Canada

Table #6 - “Financing top travelling TV formats”

Hosted by – Fiona Belier, Deputy Director, La Fabrique des Formats, France 


Table #1 - “How archival footage can be a convincing asset when pitching your film to streamers and broadcasters”

Hosted by – Melanie Rozencwajg, Co-Founder, Archive Valley, France

Table #2 - “Global Factual Co-Production. …The Road Forward?”

Hosted by – Amanda Groom, Managing Director, The Bridge, UK

Table #3 - “How To Differentiate your True Crime Idea in a Highly Crowded Marketplace!”

Hosted by – Koulla Anastasi, Director of Business Development, Woodcut Media, UK

Table #4 - “#DepictionsMatter: Crafting a Culturally Authentic Story”

Hosted by – Michele Barnwell, Executive Producer / Content Creator, Reel Roost, USA

Table #5 - “How to get your documentary or series out to as wide an audience as possible across TV, VOD and other platforms”

Hosted by – David Cornwall, Managing Director, Scorpion TV, UK


Find the right audience for you with our region + genre sessions and pair up for 3-minute speed meetings.

Tuesday 13 April

  Docs & Factual Content - Western Europe

  Docs & Factual - Eastern & Central Europe, Russia And Cis

   Family Content

Wednesday 14 April

  Kids Content - Asia

  Young Adult Content

  Kids Content - North America 

Thursday 15 April

  Scripted Formats

  Drama - Eastern & Central Europe, Russia And Cis

  English-Speaking Drama


Friday 16 April

  Formats - Asia

  Formats - Eastern & Central Europe, Russia And Cis

  Formats – Latam 



by pre-registration

Table #1 - “Diversity and Inclusion and Time Travelling”

Hosted by – Bunmi Akintonwa, CEO, Little Black Book Company, Italy


Table #2 - “Breaking the double glass ceiling”

Hosted by – Mounia Aram, Founder and President, Mounia Aram Company, France  

Table #3 - “Championing diversity and inclusion”

Hosted by – Mark Garner, EVP Global Content Sales & Business Development, A+E Networks, USA

Table #4 - “DEI and authenticity in children’s content”

Hosted by – Sallyann Keizer, Managing Director, Sixth Sense Media, United Kingdom

Table #5 - “Being your authentic self: bringing inclusion into the everyday”

Hosted by – André Renaud, SVP Global Format Sales, BBC Studios, United Kingdom

Table #6 - “Truth to power”

Hosted by – Deborah Williams, CEO, Creative Diversity Network, United Kingdom

Table #7 - “How do we ‘usualize’ LGBTQ+ characters in themes in content across genres and markets?

Hosted by – David Levine, Chief Content Officer, Moonbug Entertainment, United Kingdom



In association with MediaClub'Elles

Join experienced women professionals from around the globe who share their advice, experience and recommendations to help you succeed in business.

By pre-registration (limited number of participants)

Françoise Guyonnet

Executive Managing Director TV Series

Studiocanal, France

Sophie Ferron


Media Ranch, Canada

Kristina Hollstein

Director Acquisitions and Copro Documentaries

ZDF Enterprises, Germany

Patricia Hidalgo

Director of Children’s & Education


Christina Jennings

Chairwoman & CEO

Shaftesbury, Canada

Fabienne Fourquet


2btube, Spain

Anne Viau

Artistic Director of French Drama

TF1, France

Cynthia Hudson

Senior VP, Managing Director of CNN