MIPDrama on Sunday as "pre-opening"

MIPDrama is the annual premium showcase of the most anticipated high-end drama series (all genres including Comedy), providing international buyers an exclusive first look at a curated selection of upcoming drama series at early-stage of production. 

> Sunday 03 April as of 14:00pm

> Théâtre Claude Debussy / Palais des Festivals, Cannes

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Distributors / Sellers / Producers: Stay tuned the Call For Entries will be soon open!

MIPDrama - Buyers' Coup de Cœur 2021

Agatha Christie's Sven Hjerson

Logline: Agatha Christie’s Sven Hjerson is the first ever adaptation based on the fictional detective of Agatha Christie’s fictional writer Ariadne Oliver; a playful, meta contemporary whodunnit from the producers behind Midsommar and Before We Die.Line 1
B-Reel Films in co-production with TV4/CMore, Nadcon, ZDF, Government of Åland & Agatha Christie Limited
Line 1
Main Broadcaster(s):
 TV4/C More, ZDFLine 1
Distribution Company: 
ZDF EnterpriseLine 1

Country of Origin: Sweden


In 2021, MIPDrama was hosted by French actress, comedian and singer Joséphine Draï, recently starring in French Netflix hit Plan Coeur,

She introduced the 11 upcoming series, each selected for their writing and production values, originality, and their worldwide appeal.

MIPDrama - Official Selection 2021

The 6th edition of this unique event is open to all registered buyers and will take place online on Friday 9 April 2021 (12.30 CEST), just ahead of Digital MIPTV Week which runs online from 12-16 April. The showcase will then be available on Digital MIPTV’s catch up service until 16 April. After the screenings, participating buyers will be invited to vote for their “Coup de Cœur”, with the winner being revealed online on Friday 16 April.

AGATHA CHRISTIE'S SVEN HJERSON                                                                          

Logline: Agatha Christie’s Sven Hjerson is the first ever adaptation based on the fictional detective of Agatha Christie’s fictional writer Ariadne Oliver; a playful, meta contemporary whodunnit from the producers behind Midsommar and Before We Die.Line 1

Genre: Crime / WhodunnitLine 1

Format: 8x44' / 4x88'Line 1

Product Company(ies): B-Reel Films 

Co Producer: TV4/CMore, Nadcon, ZDF, Government of Åland & Agatha Christie Limited

Supported by: Nordisk Film & TV Fond & Creative EuropeLine 1

Main Broadcaster(s): TV4/C More, ZDF

Line 1

Distribution Company: ZDF Enterprises

Line 1

Country of Origin: Sweden

ANNE BOLEYN                                                                                                                                   

Logline: An intimate psychological thriller about Tudor Queen Anne Boleyn, told from a new perspective – hers. This show explores her final months as she struggles to secure a future for her daughter and to challenge the powerful patriarchy closing in around her.Line 1

Genre: Period dramaLine 1

Format: 3x60'Line 1

Product Company(ies): Fable Picture


     Line 1

Main Broadcaster(s): Channel 5

Line 1

Distribution Company: Sony Pictures Television

Line 1

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Logline: A bold, unflinching, gripping drama highlighting the challenges and choices of contemporary surrogacy.

   Line 1

Genre: DramaLine 1

Format: 8x48'Line 1

Product Company(ies): START, Yellow, Black and White


Line 1

Main Broadcaster(s): START

Line 1

Distribution Company: Yellow, Black and White

Line 1

Country of Origin: Russian Federation

DON'T LEAVE ME                                                                                                                                                

Logline: The deep web. The deeper you go, the more monstrous creatures you find. Everything is for sale, drugs, weapons, organs… or children

Line 1

Genre: ThrillerLine 1

Format: 8x50'Line 1

Product Company(ies): Paypermoon Italia, Rai Fiction


Line 1


Distribution Company: Federation Entertainment

Line 1

Country of Origin: Italy


Logline: Two different people, four different identities. Together they must work in tandem to bring down a terrifying far-right terror cell and heal the grief that drives them.

Line 1

Genre: CrimeLine 1

Format: 8x60'Line 1

Product Company(ies): Monster Scripted and X Filme 

Line 1

Main Broadcaster(s): Viaplay and ZDF Line 1

Distribution Company: Keshet International

Line 1

Country of Origin: Norway and Germany


Logline: What would you do if you won the jackpot at the lottery? LUCKY DAY is a swiss wacky comedy about family ties.

  Line 1

Genre: ComedyLine 1

Format: 8x52'Line 1

Product Company(ies): IDIP Films & Perpetual Soup

Line 1

Main Broadcaster(s): RTS
Line 1

Distribution Company: About Premium Content

Line 1

Country of Origin: Switzerland


Logline: Set in Brussels, PANDORE is a political drama about the collision between politics and justice, and between a man and a woman who will inexorably have to confront each other.

Line 1

Genre: Political dramaLine 1

Format: 10x52'Line 1

Product Company(ies): Artemis Productions and RTBF (Télévision Belge)

Line 1

Main Broadcaster(s): RTBFLine 1

Distribution Company: About Premium Content

Line 1

Country of Origin: Belgium


Logline: Patricia is a master at juggling her career and private life but when it rains, it pours!  From the director of SPANISH AFFAIR, by far the biggest Spanish box office hit of the last 20 years. 

Line 1

Genre: Comedy-dramaLine 1

Format: 6x25'Line 1

Product Company(ies):  Movistar+ in collaboration with Secuoya

Line 1

Main Broadcaster(s): Movistar+
Line 1

Distribution Company: Beta Film

Line 1

Country of Origin: Spain


Logline: Contemporary revenge thriller set on the Isle of Wight, about a mother avenging her son's death.

Line 1

Genre: Crime/ThrillerLine 1

Format: 6x45’Line 1

Product Company(ies): New Regency Television International, Scott Free

Line 1

Main Broadcaster(s): BritBox, AMC  Line 1

Distribution Company: New RegencyLine 1

Country of Origin: United Kingdom


Logline: Successful winemaker Matteo has built a comfortable life for himself and his family. But when an old friend shows up in the vineyard, his secret past comes back to haunt him – with a vengeance…

  Line 1

Genre: Thriller, DramaLine 1

Format: 4x45'Line 1

Product Company(ies): Good friends Filmproduktion in co-production with Satel Film for ZDF and ServusTV

Line 1

Main Broadcaster(s): ZDF, ServusTV
Line 1

Distribution Company: Beta Film
Line 1

Country of Origin: Germany, Austria


Logline: The beautiful English seaside town of Whitstable is home to Pearl Nolan (Kerry Godliman) who divides her time between serving up tasty seafood delicacies in her restaurant and solving the crimes, debauchery, and murder regularly brought in by the tide.Line 1

Genre: CrimeLine 1

Format: 6x45'Line 1

Product Company(ies): Buccaneer Media

Line 1

Main Broadcaster(s): Acorn TVLine 1

Distribution Company: Cineflix Rights
Line 1

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

MIPDRAMA - Selection Process 2021

The selection has been made with the support of the MIP Drama Buyers Advisory Board, comprised of leading global industry executives with extensive experience in acquisitions, co-productions, and international business development.

Anette Romer

Platforms as well as terrestrials compete to feed the audience appetite for drama, and it is encouraging and promising for the future that writers and producers continue to aim high

Anette Romer,
Format Consultant, STV Productions

Aline Marrache

The plethoric proposal of genres and nationalities, additionally to top premium executions, make this year’s MIPDrama selection a must-watch for international experts

Aline Marrache, Senior VP, Development, Original Scripted Content, Universal Music Media & Content

Sarah Wright

After the terrible, tumultuous year that was 2020, it is really uplifting to see such a strong list for MIPDrama’s Official Selection this year. There is a dazzling array of programming on offer this year.

Sarah Wright,
Director of Sky Cinema & Acquisitions, Sky UK

Key Dates

5 February 2021

Deadline for Submissions

4 March 2021

Official Selection Announcement

9 April 2021

MIPDrama goes live

16 April 2021

Winner revealed - Buyers' Coup de Coeur