Generation Z and immersive content

The Future of the industry is at MIPTV

  • Whether it concerns the next generation or the next technology that will disrupt the TV and digital content market, MIPTV is at the forefront of the industry.

    • Explore the world of content for Gen’Z’ and beyond. Discover how to make a content smart using datas and influencers to reach a specific audience.
    • Beyond VR, MIPTV gives a view from the top of AR and MR markets.

    2018 Programme at a glance See all 2018 conferences

  • 2018 Highlights

  • The Innovation Hub

    A zone dedicated to the future of content at MIPTV

    Palais des Festivals, Level -1

    Live an immersive experience at the VR Library

    Located in the heart of MIPTV's Innovation Hub, the VR Library is the hottest place to discover fresh immersive content from all over the world. All delegates can book a slot onsite and get the opportunity to discover content through Samsung Gear and HTC Vive hardware.

    Some of the companies showcasing their content in 2018
    Companies showcasing their content in 2018
    ... and many more!

    Showcase Your VR Content at MIPTV
    Telefilm Canada - Canada Media Fund
    Diversion Cinema

  • Meet them in the Innovation Hub

  • Next gen studio showcase

    Looking to showcase your Gen Z targeted content at MIPTV?

    Take part in the Next Gen Studios Showcase (formerly known as ‘Digital Fronts’)!

    Contact your MIP representative to learn more.

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