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    Drama Series Pitch - Discover the winners

    Streaming available on-demand till Friday, 10 April. Presenting a diverse range of high-end original and viable scripted projects from established producers seeking financing and/or co-producing partners to reach global screens.

    Drama Series Pitch

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    Creative Talent Pitch - Discover the winner

    Streaming available on-demand till Friday, 10 April. Presenting selected creators and producers pitching their original scripted and serialized creative concept to be developed and/or adapted to different scripted series formats.

    Creative Talent Pitch

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  • Drama Series Pitch - Winners

  • Among Drama Series Pitch Official Selection

  • Creative Talent Pitch - Winner

    Bathrooms Confession

    Bathroom confessions

    SYNOPSIS: In the heart of every woman’s crisis lies a deep need for expression, for confiding in other women and for finding comfort in the ears that listen and the shoulders to cry on. Bathroom Confessions revolves around women’s stories and their most intimate confessions taking place in one public bathroom. The bathroom is their safe haven - whether it’s turmoil, turning points or lighter moments - they can open up, be their authentic selves and discuss everything. Our bathroom will fall witness to an array of women by day and a wholly different group at night.

    COUNTRY: Lebanon
    GENRE: Comedy / Dramedy
    FORMAT: 10 x 5’
    PRODUCED BY: Olive Tree Productions
    LOOKING FOR: Co-producers, Broadcasters, Finance
    PRESENTED BY: Rolly Dib, Executive Producer, Olive Tree Productions, Lebanon
  • Among Creative Talent Pitch Official Selection

  • Kids Series Pitch – Winner

    Presenting the most promising projects from creators and producers of animation and
    live action series looking for international creative and financing partners.

    Pop Paper City

    Pop Paper City

    SYNOPSIS: Pop Paper City is a vibrant 3D craft show with adventure. The series follows a unique group of paper friends as they go on adventures and create new paper items to add to their stunning and endlessly peculiar paper world. With the assistance of Helping Hand – a live-action human hand who helps the characters with crafting – the series inspires children at home to make paper creations along with the characters, encouraging ‘doing as well as viewing’.

    GENRE: Animation series
    FORMAT: 52 x 11
    TARGET AUDIENCE: Pre-school
    PRODUCED BY: LoveLove Films
    PRESENTED BY: Georgina Hurcombe, Managing Director / Producer, LoveLove Films, UK. Alison Taylor, Head of Sales and Acquisitions, Aardman Animations, UK
  • Among Kids Series Pitch Official Selection

  • MIPDoc Project Pitch – WINNER

    Presenting new factual TV Projects with the greatest potential
    for commissioning and multiplatform extension

    Behind Lucy

    Behind Lucy

    SYNOPSIS: A unique access to the team of the NASA Lucy Mission to the Jupiter Trojans will allow us to follow all the process from its inception till its launch in October 2021. Through the eyes of four of its top scientists, we will get closer to their inside workflow dynamics and all the extremely difficult technical challenges they have to cope with.

    FORMAT: 1 x 52’
    GENRE: Science & Technology
  • Among MIPDoc Project Pitch Official Selection

  • MIPFormats International Pitch - Winner

    Before you hit the floor


    SYNOPSIS: Surprised contestants have the opportunity to become rich very fast while driving up an elevator of a tall building. But once they get to the top, they will have to bungee jump back down. And if they want to keep the money, they will have to answer one last question ‘before they hit the floor’.

    PRODUCED BY: Atresmedia Studios
    PRESENTED BY: Isabel Durán, Creative Director International Formats, Atresmedia Studios
  • Among MIPFormats International Pitch Official Selection

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