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MIPFormats is the incubator for the very best in entertainment formats: the next wave of must-see unscripted formats and of creative business solutions. Join the largest gathering of the world's leading formats producers, creators, buyers and distributors from over 40 countries.

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A rich programme featuring the most recent content trends in the international formats industry.

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2022 MIPFormats International Pitch Winner


Genre: TV Game Show

Company: Christian G. Gamboa

Country of origin: Philippines


Learn more about MIPFormats International Pitch 2022 >

The MIPFormats International Pitch

With Fox Alternative Entertainment

Pitch your idea to format experts and turn your creativity into successful TV content. The 2022 MIPFormats International Pitch is held with sponsor FOX Entertainment’s in-house unscripted studio, FOX Alternative Entertainment. The winner will get a prize of US$ 5000 for development and opportunity to be part of FOX’s US$100 Million International Unscripted Format Fund

MIPFormats International Pitch - Finalists

We received 67 submissions from 51 companies and 27 different countries!

The FOX Alternative Entertainment's jury has selected 5 finalist projects based on their potential to travel internationally, creativity, originality and innovation, and capacity of returning for multiple series. Theywill get the opportunity to pitch their projects at MIPTV on Tuesday 5 April, 15:00-16:15 in HI5 Studio/Esterel.         

CHEAT ON THE GLITCH                                                      

Line 1

Genre: TV Game Show

Line 1

Synopsys: CHEAT ON THE GLITCH is the first and only game show that allows players to CHEAT and BREAK THE RULES as long as they don't get caught! Players will compete in different funny games while being monitored by a group of "celebrity guards" through security cameras. GLITCHES will occur during the games where the security cameras momentarily shut down. This gives players a window of opportunity to CHEAT in order to win. CHEAT ON THE GLITCH introduces an innovative approach to game show design in terms of mechanics and gameplay. It's a fun and crazy format where for the first time ever - the best cheaters always win!





Line 1

Company(ies): Christian G. Gamboa

Line 1

Country of Origin: Philippines


Line 1

Genre: TV Game Show

Line 1

Synopsys: A group of friends act as wingmen & try to end the single life of their best friend with 3 female applicants. The three try to fight their way to the man of their dreams, who waits under a tinted glass dome only visible as a shadow. This show offers 3 unique features: 1. Magic staircase: The 3 candidates have to overcome a magic staircase where they have to answer questions from the wingmen and solve tasks. In case of an unsuitable answer the magic staircase turn into a steep slide that make the candidates slide down. Like in real life, slide down, get up, straighten the crown and try it again. 2. Identikit image: Reality vs. Expectation? The 3 candidates' have to piece together an identikit image according to the descriptions of his wingmen. 3. Final twist: After seeing each other for the first time the candidate & the best friend have 10 sec. to secretly press the Go/No Go button & only then we will know: Did the wingmen bet on the right candidate?Line 1


Line 1

Country of Origin: Austria

STARS ON POLE                                          

Line 1

Genre: Shiny Floor Entertainment

Line 1

Synopsys: 12 celebrities partner up with 12 professional pole dancers to compete during 10 episodes in entertaining evening show 'Stars on Pole'.









Line 1

Company(ies): NU Production

Line 1

Country of Origin: Spain


Line 1

Genre: TV Game Show

Line 1

Synopsys: A knowledge-based quiz game show based on the logic of Russian roulette, but where luck and strategy are as effective as knowledge on winning. 8 contestants assembled around a table are challenged to answer the host's questions. In each round, the first contestant to hit their buzzer and answer a question correctly is asked to nominate 1 of the other contestants to come under the roulette wheel to face potential elimination. The roulette mechanism is then rotated over the penalized contestant who is then required to pull a cord above them – if they are then saturated in liquid, they are eliminated from the game. If a contestant answers a question incorrectly, the roulette mechanism rotates above them, and they are subject to potential elimination.



Line 1

Company(ies): formatworkshop

Line 1

Country of Origin: Turkey

MILLION FALL                                                                                                      

Line 1

Genre: TV Game Show

Line 1

Synopsys: "Million Fall - 1 million Yen if you don't fall~" brings an exciting twist on the comedy quiz-show jam-packed with hilarious Japanese inspired set design, this simple format for all ages has entertaining quiz element as well as tense competition and non-stop surprises. 

The rule of this quiz show is very simple. If you answer 8 questions in a row correctly you will win a grand prize money of 1 million yen. 

There are 9 LED floor with pitfalls. In each pitfalls the answers to the questions appears. In the 1st round where you will win 10,000 JPY, there are 8 correct answers a 1 incorrect answer written in the LED panels. If you stand on the incorrect panel, then you will fall into the pitfall full of unknown items. If you answer correctly, you will move on to the next round. 

As the show progresses, more pitfalls are added. Excitement builds up towards the final question as it gets harder to choose the correct answers. 

Line 1

Company(ies): Fuji Television Network, Inc.

Line 1

Country of Origin: Japan

MIPFormats Int'l. Pitch - Jury Members

Nathalie Wogue

Consultant, International Format Strategist

Fox Alternative Entertainment - US

Allison Wallach

Executive VP

Head of Fox Alternative Entertainment - US

Yasmin Rawji

Senior VP, Alternative Entertainment

Fox Entertainment - US

Nico Franks

Editor, Channel 21 International Magazine


Key Dates

22 February 2022

Deadline for submissions

14 March 2022

Finalists official announcement

5 April 2022

Pitching Competition live in Cannes

Key Documents

Allison Wallach

Executive Vice President, Head of FOX Alternative Entertainment

“The many concepts and ideas submitted to this year’s MIPFORMATS International Pitch were beyond impressive. It’s great to see so much creativity and passion in these pitches. and selecting our five finalists proved to be an incredible exercise.  I’m excited to join them on stage in Cannes to learn more about each project and the opportunity they may have on a much larger scale.” 

FRAPA Formats Summit

Get a kick start of MIPTV at the FRAPA Formats Summit and network with likeminded producers.

    Panel discussion hosted by Phil Gurin, President & CEO, The Gurin Company and Co-Chairman of FRAPA

    Presentation by David Ciaramella, Communications Manager, K7 Media

MEET & MINGLE with FRAPA Board members and fellow FRAPA members

Speakers, from left to right

David Ciaramella, Communications Manager, K7 Media
Phil Gurin, President & CEO, The Gurin Company and Co-Chairman of FRAPA
Jin-Woo Hwang, CEO, Something Special
Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Head of Format Acquisitions, Banijay
Joe Mace, Commissioning Editor – Entertainment, ITV
Nick Smith, EVP Formats, All3media International
Jan Sailing, Head of BBC Studios Nordics, BBC Studios Nordics

MIPFormats Conferences & Showcases

Fresh TV Formats                                                                                         

Presented by The Wit

> April 4, 13:00, Debussy Theatre

Korea Showcase                                                                                         

K-Formats: The next big hits from Korea
Presented by KOCCA

> April 4, 15:30, Audi A

The International Format Awards

In partnership with C21, FRAPA, MIPFormats, Entertainment Master Class

> April 5, 12:30, Hi5 Studio

2019 Key Figures - MIPFormats

800 participants

330 buyers

330 companies

45 countries

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