MIPTV - The Global Content Market for the Future

The 11th International Forum for Producers and Commissioners of TV Formats

MIPFormats is included within the Digital MIPTV week offer. Registrations are now closed. 
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| Network with the global formats community

MIPFormats is the incubator for the very best in entertainment formats: the next wave of must-see non-scripted formats and of creative business solutions. The 2021 edition was included within the Digital MIPTV 2021 offer. 

  • Join the largest gathering of the world's leading producers, creators, buyers and distributors from over 40 countries.
  • A rich programme featuring the most recent content trends in the international formats industry.
  • A unique series of screenings, showcases and Case studies to spot new formats and talents.

| Key Figures - MIPFormats

800 participants

330 buyers & 220 sellers

330 companies

45 countries

| Special features

MIPFormats provides a variety of unique opportunities for executives working in the formats entertainment industry.

MIPFormats International Pitch

Producers / Distributors: unveil your innovative non-scripted formats.

Buyers / Commissioners: discover your projects to acquire or commissione.

3 Exclusive Fresh TV sessions

Discover the hottest new formats crazes and trends making their way around the globe.

sessions presented by The WIT


Hear from bold visionaries, thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs shaping the future of the industry.

Data connections

Stay up to date on the latest insights, trends, and discoveries in the formats industry