MIPTV - The Global Content Market for the Future
17-19 April 2023
Palais des Festivals, Cannes

Future of Kids TV

Pre-Teens to YA Summit: Changing the world of content

The new Future of Kids TV is the must-attend spring gathering for the kids TV community. A future defining focus on what's coming next for kids television in 2023 and beyond.

Discover what fuels 10+ & Young Adults well known as Gen Z & Gen Alpha. They play hide & seek with linear TV but they are fundamentally content trendsetters both now & in the future. Addressing the wheel of change, our dedicated summit will focus on these “volatile” audiences, the challenges & opportunities they bring to the market, how they influence content creation, distribution & monetization.

Join our afternoon sessions & meet-up with our speakers & kids community.

What you will find at our summit

Market Intelligence sessions on Gen Z & Gen Alpha

Data & Trends

Inspirational talks

Case Study

Networking coffe & Meet the speakers

Kids programme at MIPTV 2022

Discover MIPTV 2022 programme on what's trending in the kids TV industry. 

Stay tuned to know more about The new Future of Kids TV programme!

Fresh TV Kids

Presented by
The Wit - Virginia Mouseler

KIDS Trends: A Future Forecast 2022

Presented by
The Insights Family - Janathan Watson

MIP WORKOUT KIDS - Deals no deals, there are many ways to cut the cake

In Kids Media it’s getting even more complex to pull together the deals to make an idea come to life. We hear from those that are at the frontiers of new deals, new content and new routes to the audience.

From left to right: Sarah Baynes; Dominic Gardiner, Jetpack Distribution; Katherine Senior, Gutsy Animations; David Kleeman, Dubit; Agnes Augustin, Show Rocket Fund

From left to right: Delphine Dumont, Banjay Kids and Family; Steve Couture, Epic StoryWorlds; Brandon Relph, Studio BE; Doug Schwalbe, The Coproduction Company; Tatiana Kober, Bejab ! Entertainment Inc.