MIPTV 2018 Conferences & Events

  • MIPTV 2018’s conference theme: Creators in demand

    It is a wonderful time to be involved in content production. In a world where all channels & platforms want to super-serve their fans, the unprecedented demand for new shows is generating new opportunities for creator-driven stories. Regardless of the content genre and the size of the screens, creators and talent have become the most valuable resource.
    Be inspired by creativity around the world. Dive into the Biggest Week in TV - MIPTV 2018.

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  • MIPTV 2018 Programme Highlights

  • Conference tracks

    Screenings and Fresh ideas from around the globe.
    Trends, Live-Action, Digital... What's trending in the Kids industry?
    Short Form, New Storytelling... Get to know what GenZ is craving
    Turning AR/VR into a sustainable content ecosystem.
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