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Exclusively designed for drama buyers, MIPDrama is the annual premium showcase of the most anticipated high-end drama series.


Doc & Factual

The global buyers community is invited to have an exclusive first look at a curated selection of new high-end and cutting-edge factual and documentary content still in production. 



Tune in for an in-depth look at the most compelling upcoming formats showcased by major entertainment companies featuring the most recent trends in international formats.


Tune in for the most-anticipated Fresh TV Kids by Virginia Mouseler (The Wit) as well as dedicated content Programming Briefs and Market Analysis across all genres.



This year’s Partner Content Showcases gathered 12 global partners presenting 30-minute sessions of content and insights across formats, factual, drama and kids.

All3Media International


Discover the latest formats from All3Media International including hit new show The Traitors, Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance, plus Sort Your Life Out and Eating with the Enemy.



Fact or Fake – a hilarious comedy format from Sandrats Media. Fake news is everywhere, but what happens when three comedians take viral videos and crazy news stories and try to separate the truth from the lies? 



Cleaning format Filth, a show which sees extraordinary cleaners pitted against each other in a bid to win a cash prize.



This is My House, exploring the inner workings of the new primetime factual entertainment format in which 4 people walk into a home and declare “This is MY house” …but only one of them is telling the truth.



Catalan Films (Digital MIPTV Gold Sponsor) is pleased to welcome you to Discover the Freshest Catalan Cartoons at MIPTV. the institution is promoting five high-international appeal cartoons series from Brutal Media, Nuts Ideas, Cornelius Films, Peekaboo Animation & Motion Pictures.



Global Hits Makeover’ showcase will highlight two globally recognized hit stories from Globo: “Hidden Truths” a story of seduction, and “Brazil Avenue”, a smash hit revenge plot.



The Future is Female’ showcase seeks to contextualize through Globo’s newest content how authors, writers and characters contribute to how we see the role of women in the world today.



This year “Wisdom in China 2021” will present five formats that are popular among young Chinese audiences. Shine! Super brothers and Wonder Agency presented by Dragon TV; Key to Heart presented by Hunan TV; Rock & Roast and Action! presented by Tencent Video.

IMPS - The Smurfs                                                             


IMPS presents their brand new Smurfs TV Series.  Two seasons of 52 episodes of 11 minutes each have already been snapped up by Nickelodeon and although several free-to-air partners are on board, IMPS is still looking for TV channels to hop on, especially from Asia and Latin America.

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Formats & Documentaries

International TV Executives, especially Buyers, are all eyes and ears when coming to Turkish content. This session will highlight recognized success stories and bring fresh new ones centre stage.

KOCCA (K-Format)                                                            


‘K Format -The Next Big Hits from Korean Broadcasters’ introduces the newest and the biggest hit scripted and upscripted formats from six major Korean broadcasters. (KBS Media, MBC, SBS, FormatEast, CJENM, Channel A).

KOCCA  (K-Format)                       


K Format, The Next Big Hits from Korean Super Indies’ makes introductions on creative fresh unscripted formats of super- indies in Korea (CACTUS MEDIA, CEN MEDIA, DITURN, VITAMIN TV, SOMETHING SPECIAL.)




NTV is bringing the impressive lineup of the brand new projects and sequels for the legendary primetime winners, showcasing the amazing ‘Superstar!' format, an overnight phenomenon upon premiere and top hit for week.

Tokyo Broadcasting System


In addition to being Digital MIPTV Global Sponsor, TBS is bringing a brand new slate of unmissable TV shows to the Formats content audience. TBS will also be sharing more information on its recently inked development deal with Smart Dog Media to develop future international TV shows hits.



Yellow, Black and White and Start present their latest scripted series slate at MIPTV 2021, featuring gothic comedy-drama The Vampires of Midland; nail-biting psychological thriller Mediator; young-adult drama The New Guy; afterlife mystery series Passengers; START's popular rehab drama Addicted and a revealing docuseries Fortress. Russian Finance: The Faces Behind.

ZDF Enterprises                                          


ZDF Enterprises is introducing the Spanish series ANA.all in., a thriller about a criminal lawyer fighting a corrupt system to clear her brother’s name who has been accused of murder. Also on the slate are the ambitious historical four-part French Télévisions drama Voltaire in Love, which captures the turbulent early life of one of the world’s greatest philosophers,  as well as Nordic Noir Huss, a Swedish spin off from producers Yellow Bird. One of ZDF’s most popular series will also make a strong come back, now in its third seasons: the post-war family saga Ku’damm 63, produced by UFA Fiction.

Cutting-edge market analysis and insights from The Wit, Glance and K7 Media presenting detailed presentations on the key trends you need to know in formats, factual, drama and kids content.

Factual TV Trends

Presented by
K7 Media - David Ciaramella

Fresh TV Formats

Presented by
The Wit - Virginia Mouseler

Fresh TV Fiction

Presented by
The Wit - Virginia Mouseler

Fresh TV Kids

Presented by
The Wit - Virginia Mouseler

Fresh TV LAB                                                                                                                  

Presented by
The Wit - Virginia Mouseler

Fresh TV Young Adult Content

Presented by
The Wit - Virginia Mouseler

One TV Year in the World: Cracking Audience Trends

Presented by
Glance - Avril Blondelot

Programming Briefs - Digital MIPTV 2021

World-leading broadcasters and streamers share their programming, acquisition and commissioning strategies. Followed by LIVE Breakout Rooms with the programming executives.


Kevin O'Brien

Commissioning Editor


Julien Degroote

Head of Content Development and International

TF1, France

Thomas Dubois

Head of Originals

Amazon Studios, France

Nicole Morganti

Head of Italian Originals

Amazon Studios, Italy

Lester Yangzi Hu

Head of Formats and International Business

Hunan TV, China

Niklas Vestberg

Head of Formats and Development

TV4, Sweden


Kristina Hollstein

Director Acquisitions and Copro Documentaries

ZDF Enterprises, Germany

Caroline Behar

Head of International Copro and Acquisitions

France Télévisions, France

Thierry Mino

Dep. Head of Factual Doc, Int. Copro & Acqu.

France Télévisions, France

Vikram Channa

VP Head of Content & Products

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Andrea Walji

Head of Content and Production

WaterBear, Netherlands

Kinu Miyano

Executive Producer

NHK, Japan


Sahana Kamath

Head of Original Production

VIU, Indonesia and Malaysia

Karni Ziv

Head of Drama and Comedy

KESHET 12, Israel

Miranda Wayland

Head of Creative Diversity


Dermot Horan

Director of Acquisitions & Co-Productions

Rté, Ireland


Libbie Doherty

Head of Children’s Entertainment & Specialist

ABC, Australia

Natalie Engel

Director of Content, Children's Programming


Sebastian Debertin

Head of Acquisition & Co-Production / Fiction

ARD/ZDF KI.KA Der Kinderkanal, Germany

Amy Friedman

Head of Kids and Family Programming

Warner Bros, USA

Katie Wilson

VP, Channels and Curation

WildBrain, Canada

Orion Ross

VP, Original Programming - Animation

The Walt Disney Company, UK

Factual and Documentary Showcase - Digital MIPTV 2021

1942, THE WORLD AT WAR                                                                                                      

Logline: 1942 -  Explore ordinary people’s daily life around the globe in the pivotal year of WW2.

Genre: History & Civilization

Format: 3x52', 6x52'

Type: Event Series

Distribution Company: Lucky You 

Production Company(ies): Ex Nihilo

Main Broadcaster(s): ARTE, Historia, CZTV


Logline: Killing the journalist won’t kill the story.

Genre: Current Affairs & Investigation

Format: 1x52'

Type: One-off

Distribution Company: Mediawan Rights

Production Company(ies): Forbidden Films

Main Broadcaster(s): France Télévisons

FOR THE LOVE OF SHARKS                                                                                                      

Logline: Three Sharks species are preparing for a major oceanic voyage around the globe and we’re going to dive with them….

Genre: Nature & Wildlife

Format: 2x52'

Type: Event Series

Distribution Company: France TV Distribution

Production Company(ies): Bonne Pioche

Main Broadcaster(s): France 2


Logline: A story you think you know, but don’t. 

Genre: History & Civilization

Format: 2x52'

Type: Event Series

Distribution Company: Balanga

Production Company(ies): Siècle Productions

Main Broadcaster(s): France 2


Logline: The most sinful street of the world was dominated by pimps and their brutal business. Until disaster struck and their reign ended with a bang.

Genre: History & Civilization

Format: 3x45'

Type: Event Series

Distribution Company: Autentic Distribution

Production Company(ies): Autentic 

Main Broadcaster(s): ARTE, ZDFinfo

LIVES OF OTHERS                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Logline: They don't have a voice, they don't have rights, they don't have a future – they have sacrificed all of this for their children and families to have a better life in a foreign country. What lives do these migrant women lead in a huge metropolis that doesn't notice they exist?

Genre: Ethnology - Sociology - Green

Format: 4x48'

Type: One-off

Distribution Company: 
1-2-3 Production

Production Company(ies): 1-2-3 Production, Mother in Law

Main Broadcaster(s): TV-3 Channel

SAINT HELENA: BASTION OF BIODIVERSITY                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Logline: Let's discover the island where Napoleon spent his last years in a new light, with the first wildlife documentary that has ever been undertaken on this unique island. 

Genre: Nature & Wildlife

Format: 1x52'

Type: One-off

Distribution Company: 

Production Company(ies): Les Films en Vrac, Fathom Pictures

Main Broadcaster(s): Ushuaïa TV

THE GLOBAL VACCINE RACE                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Logline: The dramatic inside story of six international teams and their high stakes race to create a vaccine to defeat a killer virus and save millions of lives.

Genre: Science & Technology

Format: 1x60' & 1x90'

Type: One-off

Distribution Company:
Off the Fence

Production Company(ies): Infield Fly Productions

Main Broadcaster(s): CBC 


Logline: In this series of 3 episodes covering 140 years of economic, political and cultural history, Cédric Tourbe and Romain Huret dissect the capitalist storytelling that has succeeded in perpetuating the American dream – from Rockefeller to the Koch family, or from Carnegie to Bezos, asking why such an injust system has not collapsed yet.

Genre: History & Civilization

Format: 3x52'

Type: Event Series

Distribution Company: ARTE Distribution

Production Company(ies): La Générale de Production

Main Broadcaster(s): ARTE France

THE KINGDOM OF SACRIFICED CHILDREN                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Logline: An unprecedented archeological discovery of several hundreds sacrificed children and llamas opens the gates to the Kingdom of Chimor set in today’s Northern Peru.
Told as a cold case, this international archeological investigation is set to unveil the mysteries of the most powerful Andean civilization before the Incas, which thrived for over five centuries.

Genre: History & Civilization

Format: 90' and 52'

Type: One-off

Distribution Company: Nilaya Productions

Production Company(ies): Nilaya Productions 

Main Broadcaster(s): France 5


Logline: Muhammad Ali brings to life one of the best-known and most indelible figures of the 20th century, a three-time heavyweight boxing champion who insisted on being himself unconditionally and became a global icon and inspiration to people everywhere. 

Genre: Art, Music, Culture

Format: 8x60' or 4x120'

Type: Event Series

Distribution Company: Ken Burns / Florentine Films

Production Company(ies): PBS

Main Broadcaster(s): PBS International

THEY ALL CAME DOWN TO MONTREUX                                                                                                                                                           

Logline: Packed full of previously unseen footage from an extraordinary archive accumulated over 50 years, this is the story of Claude Nobs, the inspirational and visionary founder of The Montreux Jazz Festival, and of how he turned a quiet town on the shores of Lake Geneva into a musical mecca.

Genre: Art, Music, Culture

Format: 3x60’

Type: Event Series

Distribution Company: Submarine Entertainment

Production Company(ies): BMG films & Beyond TNC in  association with Orofena Films and Submarine entertainment

Main Broadcaster(s): N/A

Formats Accelerator - Digital MIPTV 2021

Sort Your Life Out

Company: All3Media International 

Formats genre: Factual Entertainment

Logline: Sort Your Life Out assembles a team of top experts to help transform the nation’s most-cluttered homes: the entire contents of a family’s house are laid out before them, so they can decide what to keep and what to throw away.


Stacking It!

Company: ITV Studios & Nippon TV

Formats genre: Gameshow

Logline: Stacking It! is an epic, fun-filled studio game show that towers above the competition! Two families go head-to-head in a series of stacking-based challenges in order to win a dream haul of prizes. Across four varied rounds, the two families race to the skies in an attempt to leave the other in their shadow. Only one family can make it to The Final Stackdown, where they have the chance to take home a tower of prizes. The rules are simple: if you stack it, you win it. Will they rise to the challenge, or will it all come tumbling down around them?

Pet Match

Company: Newen Connect 

Formats genre: Game Show

Logline: Owners and pets matching each other physically is an old saying but is it always accurate? In this game show, celebrities tries to guess which of these 12 pets belongs to which of the 12 owners thanks to the help of information and insight collected during 4 different game rounds.

50 Men 50 Mats

Company: Small World IFT 

Formats genre: Entertainment

Logline: Fifty male yoga virgins, one ‘Wellness Warrior’ and four life-changing journeys of self-discovery: join Caleb Jude Packham as he tours the country helping ‘unwoke blokes’ to become the best version of themselves.

Secret Celebrity

Company: WeMake

Formats genre: Entertainment

Logline: Ten relatives (family members, friends) of famous celebrities move in together in a dazzling house for a mind blowing game. The goal: prevent the other contestants from discovering who are the secret celebrities linked to them and are hidden backstage.