• Join the world’s key distributors and buyers of TV and digital content

    MIPTV is a major world-class distribution market to pre-sell, sell, pre-buy or buy content of all genres, throughout the world, whether the programme is in production or already completed.

    2019 Exhibiting Companies
  • Buyers

    Screen and acquire content you can’t find anywhere else among 1,500 international companies,
    Discover new trends through curated pitches, exclusive screenings and Game Changer sessions,
    Spot early-stage projects at In Development.

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    Launch and promote your programmes to 3,600 buyers from all over the world,
    Learn the keys to expanding your sales to other countries and get up to date on the latest industry trends,
    Promote your brand and content with advertising and sponsorship solutions.

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  • New programmes at MIPTV 2019

    Here we highlight some of the international programmes available at MIPDoc, MIPFormats and onwards at MIPTV. A glimpse on what's in store for you!

  • Mip buyers exchange

    NEW! MIP Buyers Exchange

    The MIP Buyers Exchange is a curated matchmaking programme designed for exhibiting buyers to get the most out of the market - an exclusive service to discover, connect and pre-schedule additional meetings with distributors.

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  • MIP Markets' Drama Buyers Advisory Board

  • MIP Markets' Kids Buyers Advisory Board

  • 10,000Delegates


  • 1,050 Distribution companies, MIPTV 2018

    1,050Distribution companies

    100 Countries, MIPTV 2018


  • An international marketplace for distribution and creativity

  • Distribution companies at MIPTV 2018

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